City Recorder

The City Recorder is responsible for preparation and recording of City Council meetings, work sessions, meeting agendas, maintaining Ordinance and Resolution records, preparing official meeting and legal public notices, implementation and codification of City Ordinances into the City Code and maintaining all official documents of the City including the City Charter. The City Recorder also serves as the City Elections Officer and Records Manager.

General Information

The City Recorder serves as the City’s Election Officer by issuing measures to the City voters through a State regulated process and in coordination with the Klamath County Clerk. The City Recorder accepts applications for the positions of Mayor and City Council and coordinates elections for the Positions of Mayor and City Council Ward Districts I-V. The City Recorder oversees all City Boards and Committees.

Regular City elections are held at the same time and place as biennial general State elections and in accordance with applicable State Election Laws. The Council may provide for special elections in accordance with such laws. Legal notices are published in conjunction with elections stating the officers to be elected, the ballot title of each measure to be voted upon, and the time and place of the election.

Elected City Offices

To be eligible for City elective office, a candidate must be a registered voter and must have resided in the City continuously for four years immediately preceding the election. City Council candidates must also be a resident of their respective Ward. The position of Mayor is elected by the City voters at large.


City Code

The current City Code volume contains the 2019 Ordinance Code as adopted by Ordinance Number 19-12 and the Charter of the City of Klamath Falls. The Code has been enacted as a single Ordinance, to replace all of the general Ordinances of the City enacted up to August 15, 2019, except those reserved from repeal by KFC 1.065 and the adopting Ordinance. The City Code consolidates the provisions of general Ordinances that the City has enacted since the time that the 1962 Code and subsequent revisions took effect.

The preparation of the new City Code has involved many staff members and several steps. All the recorded Ordinances of the City which have been enacted since the revisions to the 1962 Code took effect have been reviewed and classified as either general or special. All regulatory Ordinances and all Ordinances of continuing application which relate to administrative organization and procedures were classified as general ordinances. Ordinances relating to specific actions, projects, franchises, and contracts were classified as special ordinances and are on file in the Office of the City Recorder.


Public Records Requests

The City Recorder processes all City Public Records Requests in accordance with State Law. 


Council Meetings/Agendas/Videos (as of February 2018 and forward/for prior to February 2018 contact the City Recorder)


Ordinances/Resolutions (public database will house from 2014 forward/for prior to that time period contact the City Recorder)

ORDINANCES/RESOLUTIONS  A List of all Ordinances enacted by the City is located within the City Code (link located above).    

Non-City/Other Page Related GENERAL OFFICES Information

Birth/Death Certificates: Oregon Department of Human Services
Phone: 971-673-1190

Non-City Related/General Document Recording
Phone: 541-883-5134

Property Information and Values: Klamath County Assessor
Phone: 800-377-6092 or 541-883-5111