Development Services

The Development Services Division offers a variety of services that preserve and enhance the quality of life for those who visit, live and work in our community.

The Division guides the physical development of the City of Klamath Falls in a manner that encourages sustained growth and protects the character of the community and is responsible for the City's:

  • Architectural preservation
  • Current land use development issues
  • Long-range planning strategies
  • Regulatory enforcement

The Development Services Division prepares and administers plans, policies, and regulations with Federal and State laws and provides technical support to the City Council and the Planning Commission.


Staffing is comprised of two groups, the Engineering Group and the Planning Group. 

Short & Long Range Planning

  • Short-range planning involves the development review of projects and implementation of land-use plans and policies. 
  • Long-range planning involves the development of long-term land use plans such as the Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood and area plans, etc.

Other Duties & Responsibilities 

Land-use and long-range planning activities include managing the orderly development and growth of the community by overseeing the implementation of the City of Klamath Falls Comprehensive Plan. Staff administers planning and engineering procedures including: 

  • Annexations
  • Business licenses
  • Development proposals
  • Requests for zone changes
  • Street vacations
  • Subdivision plats
  • Transportation reviews
  • Variance requests

Other integral duties include: 

  • Assistance in capital improvement planning
  • Site inspections
  • Zoning administration