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Tree_flyer_v4Tree Trimming 

Beautiful trees improve the appearance and quality of life in our neighborhoods. Did you know that maintenance of the street trees is the responsibility of the neighboring property? LEARN MORE

Urban_renewalSpring Street Urban Renewal Plan - Informational

The Klamath Falls City Council will consider adoption of the drafted Spring Street Urban Renewal Plan beginning in October, 2017. The Urban Renewal Plan defines the Urban Renewal Area boundary, states goals and objectives for the Area, lists projects and programs that can be undertaken, provides a dollar limit on the funds borrowed for urban renewal projects, and states how the Plan may be changed in the future. LEARN MORE about Urban Renewal.

Uticany-before-and-afterCommon Code Violations

Klamath Falls Municipal Codes are intended to benefit everyone while making our neighborhoods safe, strong and attractive. Compliance with standards can reduce vandalism, deter crime, maintain property values and prevent deterioration of our neighborhoods. COMMON CODE VIOLATIONS


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