City Administration staff are responsible for ensuring the public has every ability to gather information relating to City of Klamath Falls government. This includes providing accurate and timely information through a number of platforms directly to the public and media outlets. We seek to increase public awareness and understanding of City of Klamath Falls Government to promote transparency and public involvement in City decisions.

Duties of this office:

  • Releasing accurate and timely information to the local media and the public;
  • Responding to media inquiries in a timely manner to ensure stronger communication with the public;
  • Oversight of the City of Klamath Falls news content on its social media channels and website;
  • Content creation for the City's many communication channels, including the City's social media sites and publications;
  • During times of emergency, serving as the public information dissemination point for the City.



City Administration 


Public Information Inquiry 

MON-THUR 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. 

FRI: 7:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

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