Police Cars


We aspire to promote a desirable community where citizens are proud to reside, work, and raise families without fear of crime. We strive for strong community partnerships to align policing practices with community needs and expectations.


To serve our community with courage and integrity while protecting the rights of all individuals. To maintain an innovative, visionary workforce, dedicated to working with our community to enhance public safety through education, prevention and enforcement.

Core Values


The moral, mental and physical strength to face danger, overcome adversity, adhere to the highest standards of conduct and meet the demands of the law enforcement profession.


Valuing the needs of our community and recognizing them as our greatest priority. The men and women of the Klamath Falls Police Department understand we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to our purpose. We expect each member to think harder, endure longer, and look closer at how each contributes to our mission.


A quality developed by adhering to moral principles. It requires us to be honest in thought and deed and live a life as an example to others. As our integrity grows, so does trust from our community.