Any community can be the victim of a major violent incident. Therefore, a system must be in place to respond immediately. Today's Klamath Falls SWAT are dedicated KFPD police officers specially equipped and trained to work as coordinated teams to resolve critical incidents that are so hazardous, complex or unusual that they may exceed the capabilities of first responders or investigative units. Klamath Falls SWAT operational capabilities consist of several types of high risk incidents including, but not limited to; hostage taking, barricaded suspects, snipers, terrorist acts and other high-risk incidents. The unit may also be used to serve high-risk warrants, both search and arrest, where public safety issues warrant the use of such a unit. 

The main objective of Klamath Falls SWAT is to take control of situations where a citizen's or officer's life may be in jeopardy. The primary goal is to effectively apprehend or render a situation safe without the use of force whenever possible. The unit is also prepared to handle any rapidly evolving event in a safe and professional manner, while always keeping the priorities of life as our ultimate goal.

Partner Agencies

Klamath Falls SWAT is still an inter-agency part-time unit consisting of twelve sworn KFPD police officers as SWAT command and operators, three firefighter/paramedics from Klamath County Fire District Number 1 as tactical emergency medics (TEMS), and four specially trained crisis negotiators from KFPD, KCSO, and Klamath Community Corrections as our Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT).

Member Criteria

Each SWAT team member has volunteered for this assignment and required to pass a difficult selection process to see if they have what it takes to become a member of this team. These officers are highly motivated and accomplished individuals who continually train on tactics, firearms proficiency and mock scenarios. Being a part-time team, these officers are also deployed throughout the Patrol and Investigative Divisions and maintain operational readiness at all times. Klamath Falls SWAT is a member of the National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA) and Oregon Tactical Officer Association (OTOA).