Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

The City of Klamath Falls is a vibrant, cohesive community built on a strong economic base which balances urbanization with its existing historic character and values.

Mission Statement

To further the vision, the City of Klamath Falls provides essential services and infrastructure to promote the social and economic health of the community. The role of the City Council is to provide the leadership necessary to fulfill this mission.


  • Integrity
    We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and accountability.
  • Stewardship
    We utilize community resources in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Open and Responsive
    We seek to educate and involve citizens in an open and public process of governing.
  • Workplace Environment
    We provide a safe, positive and productive workplace for our employees.
  • Public Health and Safety
    We promote a safe community by providing water, wastewater treatment, police protection, planning and code enforcement.
  • Economic Stability
    We support the economic health of the community, job opportunities for our citizens and the success of local businesses.
  • Innovation
    We value and promote strategic, proactive and creative approaches in meeting the needs of our citizens.
  • Partnership
    We further the interests of the community through collaboration with other governmental organizations and the private sector.


Recently the City Council discussed City-wide goals to guide staff in implementing policies and focusing resources. It was determined that Council would select high level focus areas allowing staff to develop measurable goals under those areas. These focus areas would guide staff in developing future budgets, allocating resources and developing policies. The focus areas discussed are as follows:

  • Citizens feel safe and secure in their homes and public areas.
  • Interactions with the City will be professional with customer service as our top priority.
  • Economic Viability - Provide an environment where businesses can thrive and economic opportunities are fostered in an effort to provide for the long-term economic viability of the community.
  • Infrastructure - Provide the necessary infrastructure in a manner and means to allow our citizens to prosper.
  • Proactively work to increase efficiencies in service delivery. Work with the County to eliminate unnecessary duplication and partner where appropriate to provide greater value to our citizens.