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Prioritizing citizen complaints first, the division responds to referrals from City Police, Fire District #1, County Health and Building Departments, State Department of Human Services, and other agencies, as well as observation of violations while on patrol. Violators are encouraged, through personal contact, warning letters or notices left at their door, to voluntarily comply. Failing that, the division may abate the violation and charge the property owner for the costs, invoke Enforcement Fees or issue citations. Compliance and abatement of these violations improve Public Health and Safety, the appearance of neighborhoods, and the image of Klamath Falls. Code Enforcement works closely with County, State, and Federal Agencies as well as community based Organizations.

The enforcement of the City's Housing Code, in rental housing, is an important part of the total impact of Code Enforcement. Inspections for compliance with the minimum livability standards of the Uniform Housing Code are performed on a complaint basis.

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Code Enforcement Offices are located in the Police Department building located at:

2501 Shasta Way, Klamath Falls, OR

Title Name Phone
Code Enforcement Charles Anderson 541-883-4942
Code Enforcement Kurt Wall 541-883-5362

Department Fax: 541-883-5389