Water Conservation Tips...

Most of you are likely aware that Klamath County has declared a drought for the fourth straight year. This was supported by a declaration from the Governor’s office on April 6th of this year.

While the City’s water supply is not threatened at this time, we feel it is important to recognize the severity of the drought. The City, in the best interest of the community, is asking customers to voluntarily conserve water. Ideas for conservation include:

  • Sweeping sidewalks and driveways instead of washing them down
  • Utilize car washes that recycle their water instead of washing at home
  • Minimize landscape irrigation and make sure the system is optimized so as not to needlessly waste water and let it flow into and down the street
  • Irrigate landscaping at night to reduce the evaporative process
  • Reduce watering time and number of days for lawns and landscaping

If you are going to landscape this summer, consider native drought resistant plants and drip irrigation as ways to conserve.

Thank you for your support and cooperation