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Waste Services

The City of Klamath Falls currently has a franchise agreement with Waste Management to provide waste disposal services to residents and businesses in Klamath Falls. Visit Waste Management's Website for more information about their services.

For information on service delays or any other important service-related information please visit Waste Management's Website for Service Delays or contact them directly at 1-800-808-5901. 


RecyclingDue to a lack of funding the City of Klamath Falls no longer oversees the recycling program for Klamath Falls. Waste Management provides garbage and recycling services to residents and businesses in Klamath Falls. Visit Waste Management's Website for information about what materials can be recycled, collection schedules, rates and to change service levels.

We recommend interested parties contact Waste Management or Klamath Sustainable Communities via the contact information below or various other local resources  for recycling/green practices information.

An excellent alternative source of information for recycling around the home can be found HERE.

Contact Information

Name Phone Website
Waste Management 1-800-808-5901
Klamath Sustainable Communities 541-331-9671

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