City Council

The City of Klamath Falls City Council consists of five members who are directly elected by the citizens for staggered four-year terms. The City Council establishes law and policy by passing ordinances and resolutions. The Council also appoints the City Manager who adopts the City budget, approves appropriations, contracts in the City's name, and levies taxes. The Mayor is elected by the community for a four-year term and presides at City Council meetings.

Election Information

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Ward Information

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Mayor and City Council Members


Carol Westfall


As Mayor of the City of Klamath Falls, I understand what it takes to run a business and will strive to make it easier for you. By focusing on business, jobs and learning opportunities, and supporting recreational development, Klamath Falls can become a City that not only the citizens are proud of, but also a place our children want to return to.

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Ward I

Phil Studenberg


Phil was born in and raised in South Dakota.  He graduated from the University of South Dakota and served as a law clerk for the Chief Justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court.  He moved to Klamath Falls in 1978 and has practiced law in Klamath Falls since that time.  Phil is a past President of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

He has two grown children, Jesse and Liz, and is married to Jody Daniels.

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Ward II

Kendall Bell


Kendall Bell is a graduate of University of Portland with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  In 1992, after some time living is Seattle, she moved with her husband and family to Klamath Falls so that her husband could join one of his family businesses, Bell Hardware.  Kendall worked at Sky Lakes until 1998.  She owned and operated the other Bell family business, M'bellish (formerly Garcelon's) from 2005, until 2016.  Kendall co-founded the Klamath Falls Downtown Association in 2008.  She had two grown boys, living in the Seattle area.

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Ward III

Matt Dodson


Matt Dodson was an officer with the U.S. Navy, received his MEng from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Industrial and Management Engineering and owns and manages office buildings and apartments. He is a member of the Downtown Advisory Committee and enjoys living in the Klamath Falls area. 

To contact Matt directly call (541) 331-5863 or EMAIL HIM HERE

Ward IV

Dan Tofell


Dan Tofell is a former City of Klamath Falls Police Chief and long-time resident of Klamath Falls. He is an avid golfer and enjoys the many days of sunshine Klamath Falls offers.

To contact Dan directly call (541) 884-9760 or EMAIL HIM HERE

Ward V

Todd Andres


Looking back on my 22 years in Klamath Falls, I am confident my wife and I chose exactly the right place to start a family and raise our children. Looking forward, I am committed to our City’s promising future, where each person can have an abundance of opportunities to grow and thrive.

I take pride in my past service on a number of Boards, including Klamath County Economic Development Association, Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Klamath Falls, and Citizens for Safe Schools. I know what it means to lead with integrity.

I have developed a personal discipline of listening to all sides, respecting one another in the process, and then determining the best way to work together to achieve significant goals. I have savored every minute poured into our community. By investing your time and talent, I firmly believe we can make our community stronger.

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Boards & Commissions

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