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The City of Klamath Falls Water System.

  • The City Water system delivers water to nearly 40,000 customers through over 16,000 service connections.
  • The City of Klamath Falls delivers 2.540 billion gallons of water to our customers annually.
  • Maximum daily water production during 2018 was 14.93 million gallons, with an annual daily average of 6.95 million gallons.
  • Water supplied by The City of Klamath Falls Water System is groundwater source, produced by of 13 water production wells which can produce a total of 18,500 gallons per minute or 26.5 million gallons per day. The wells are in various locations throughout the urban area. The wells range in depth from 300ft.to 1,000ft. The Conger Well Field is the primary drinking water source for most of the City of Klamath Falls supplying approximately 80% of the total water consumed within the City. The Conger Well Field consists of 5 wells capable of producing up to 20.6 million gallons per day.
  • The City of Klamath Falls Water System also consists of 21 water storage reservoirs (tanks) with a total storage capacity of 16.6 million gallons, 24 water booster stations and 265+ miles of transmission and distributions mains including over 1200 fire hydrants .
  • The Klamath Falls water supply system is unique in that only I % of all groundwater supplied water systems in the nation serve more than 10,000 people. These groundwater sources tend to be free of impurities and contaminates that are typically present in surface water systems.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. If you have an underground irrigation system for your yard, fire suppression sprinkler system, boiler, pool/spa or water feature, state law requires that you get a backflow prevention assembly to prevent contaminated water from flow back into your drinking water-a serious health hazard. If you have questions please call (541) 883-4956 to speak with our cross connection control specialist.   A plumbing permit is required for all new installations and when altering existing plumbing. A permit may be obtained from the Klamath County Building Department, 305 Main Street, 1st Floor; phone: (541) 883-5121


Water meters and services up to 2" are installed by the City. A service request must be submitted to the City Development Services Division located at 226 South 5th Street, First Floor. Fees must be paid and specific location information completed before City crews will be dispatched to install a water service and/or meter. Fees will vary depending on meter size. Should you have questions about fees, please contact the Engineering Division at (541) 883-5368.


The City of Klamath Falls maintains an ongoing water meter replacement program to replace old worn inaccurate meters that have been in service for 10 years or more. As water meters age they tend to slow down and fail to register accurately the amount of water used by the consumer, especially at small or lower flow rates. Maintaining accurate meters throughout the system helps reduce unaccounted for water losses or in other words non-revenue water, in turn encouraging our customers to conserve water, reducing the cost of energy necessary to produce and pump water to our customers ultimately allowing the City to maintain more consistent water rates. Meter technology has greatly improved throughout the years. The meters being installed today have no moving parts that can wear out and can accurately measure as little as 0.03 gallons per minute whereas the meters that were used just 10 years ago would only accurately measure as little as 0.25 gallons per minute when they were new. Another element of the meter replacement program is transitioning from manually read meters to radio read meters (AMR) and ultimately to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Radio read meters can be read remotely from several miles away while an AMI system can read meters remotely from a single centralized location and can monitor water usage at each meter in the system on an hourly timeframe.


The City of Klamath Falls Water Division regularly collects potable water samples to be analyzed for 123+ listed potential contaminates as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA and the Oregon Department of Human Services Drinking Water Program. Samples are analyzed for microbiological, organic, inorganic and radiological contaminates. Maximum Contaminate Levels (MCL) are established for each contaminate based on the impact to human health. The City water has consistently tested absent for microbiological contamination and has not exceeded an MCL for organic, inorganic or radiological contamination.


The City is required by Oregon State Law to maintain a minimum of 20 pounds per square inch (psi) water pressure at all times and under all conditions.

Current City Engineering Construction Standards require a minimum of 40 psi, however, in older existing area pressures may be lower due to undersized piping, area water demands and location/elevation of the service area.


A standard residential water meter is 5/8" and will flow up to 25 gallons of water per minute. The average home uses 314 gallons per day and 690 gallons per day during peak demand periods.

  • A fire hydrant has been opened in a localized area.
  • Construction in a localized area.
  • Increased seasonal demands in localized area.
  • Naturally occurring minerals in the water source. - Increased water velocity in the water lines may dislodge mineral sediment and/or pipe scale causing brown or reddish brown water. White deposits on faucets or other fixtures are generally caused by calcium carbonate which is a natural occurring mineral in the water. The amount of calcium carbonate in the water determines how hard or soft the water is and the City water tends to be soft or moderately soft throughout the system. The water is safe to drink, however a discolored water condition can cause staining of laundry or some plumbing fixtures.

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To start, stop or change your water service, to pay your water utility bill, or if you have questions about your utility bill please call: (541) 883-5301 or in person at 222 South 6th Street.

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