Anti-Graffiti Program

General Information

The City of Klamath Falls and community organizations are taking action to wipe out graffiti and clean up crime.  The Code Enforcement and Police Departments are working together to manage a practical Graffiti Abatement Program in Klamath Falls. The City is working to keep neighborhoods clean and attractive through various activities including abatement programs, educational outreach, community involvement, and Police enforcement.

For Assistance, call Code Enforcement at (541) 883-5942

The City has a strict graffiti Ordinance that requires removal of graffiti within 10 calendar days of notification. Property owners are responsible for taking measures to prevent graffiti and for graffiti removal. Sale of spray paint to minors and purchase of spray paint by minors is prohibited. Graffiti is a crime and it adds blight to the City of Klamath Falls. Please help eliminate graffiti in our community.

How is Graffiti Defined?

Graffiti is vandalism and means:

  •  One or more letters, symbols, figures, etchings, scratches, inscriptions, stains or other markings that disfigure or deface a structure or thing, howsoever made or otherwise affixed on the structure or thing.

Graffiti vandals use a variety of materials, such as spray paint, crayons and permanent ink to deface property. Hobby knives and razor blades are also used to cause permanent damage to glass and other surfaces.

How Graffiti Affects Our Community

Graffiti Affects the Community

  • Graffiti gives the impression that no one cares about the overall state of the community
  • Local property values may decrease
  • Local economy may decline, causing small businesses to close
  • Heightened fear of crime in the community

Community Resources

  • Free paint from Code Enforcement
  • Free paint from City Police Department
  • Community organizations willing to help you paint
  • Free paint and volunteers from local home improvement retailers

Common Targets and Locations of Graffiti

Graffiti crime can occur anywhere. Some of the more popular targets include:

  • Public and private buildings
  • Fences
  • Newspaper and utility boxes
  • Municipal street furniture
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Public transit property and vehicles
  • Dumpsters and garbage cans

Graffiti Reporting

Do Not Remove from These Properties!

In many cases, graffiti should not be removed from surfaces, but reported to the responsible agency instead. Please call the appropriate agency to report graffiti for removal. If you are unsure about which agency to call, please see the list below or contact the City’s Code Enforcement Department. Prior permission to remove the graffiti is important. If you have already acquired permission from the property owner, or you are the property owner, click here or attach images to the graffiti report form. Please keep copies of the photographs for your personal record.

City of Klamath Falls Code Enforcement Department
Code Enforcement Department - (541) 883-5358

Graffiti Crimes in Progress
Klamath Falls City Police - (541) 883-5336
Klamath County Sheriff - (541) 883-5130
Oregon Highway Patrol  - (541) 883-5713

Agencies & Companies
Oregon Department of Transportation – (541) 883-5662

US Postal Service - (541) 850-9078
Waste Management Dumpsters - (541) 884-7706
Union Pacific Railroad Property - (888) 877-7267

File an email graffiti report >

For nuisance reports other than graffiti, please contact Code Enforcement at (541) 883-5942.