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Snow Removal

Snow_removalInitial response will depend on what time of day the storm's onset occurs at (during standard work hours, weekends or evenings) as well as the expected storm event conditions (freezing rain, light snow in higher elevations or a major storm). If a storm's onset occurs during non-work hours and is a limited-intensity storm event, close coordination between the City's Police Department, 911, Public Works Streets Division supervisors and/or night-shift street operator(s) should insure timely initial response. 

The City's Snow Plan outlines the levels of response, addresses parking lots, sidewalks, priorities, operations levels, and more...

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Craigslist Scam

ScamThe Klamath County Board of County Commissioners has issued a Press Release stating "Klamath County forecloses on properties for nonpayment of taxes. During certain times of the year, we offer them for sale at public auction or through a private sealed bid process. We list these properties on our County website as well as the Herald and News for 4 consecutive weeks before the sale date. We do not use other methods of advertising our sales. This week we found out that three of the properties we foreclosed on and are scheduled for sale at public auction have been listed on Craigslist. We would like to warn the  public that this is a scam as Klamath County does not list properties for sale on Craigslist."

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